Past Scholarship Winner

Trevin J. Mingo-Watts

imgtrevin-mingo-wattsDear Barr Street High Foundation,

I am writing to say thank you for taking an active interest in my education through your scholarship. I was honored to receive your 2015 Scholarship. Obtaining your scholarship has put me one step closet to achieving my goal of going to Newberry College to attain a business degree and eventually becoming a mortician. Your generous donation helped me secure needed materials for school with the most important of those being text books. These were things my parents didn’t have to worry about buying.

I encourage any student that meets the criteria to complete an application for the Barr Street Foundation’s Scholarship. It will give you a chance to share information about your accomplishment, goals, desires and interests while giving you the opportunity to receive extra funds for college.

Again, I thank you for your support and dedication to helping others like me fulfill their educational degrees.

– Treven J. Mindo-Watts